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© Photo: Stefanie Schaut


Peter Morrens

Based on his Point Blank Press series, the Belgian artist Peter Morrens produced a new multiple: a painted object entitled ‘Nazicht’. It can be a scale model for a larger sculpture and possibly, a small blow to your face, a silly insult, a friendly request, or a recalcitrant remark. However, partly due to its fragile form, it remains a balancing act. Some letters can possibly be cut off, creating new meanings.

Point Blank Press is a Direct Language agency with the maker as sole employee. The artist as an auditory flycatcher. The result is a series of drawings on school notebook paper, depicting captured text fragments (approx. 2500 drawings): persistent, rough, awkward and undisciplined. The title Point Blank indicates that neither a skill nor a goal is required: it is a pure, inevitable collision. Language saved from the genuine contingency.

Title: nazicht
Description: unique, handmade 3D object
Edition: 12 + 3 AP
Material: walnut, cardboard, plywood, gesso, graphite, ink, pencil, fabric
Dimensions: 64 × 27× 27 cm
Price: 350 Euro (incl VAT)

With the kind support of Kristof Declercq gallery, Ghent.

In the Fall of 2019, KRIEG launches the limited editions realised by two Belgian artists: Peter Morrens and Bart Stolle. This new initiative has been conceived to support KRIEG’s artistic programme; all profits will be dedicated to the production of new work by artists exhibiting at KRIEG. Following the launch, the editions will be available to acquire online and on appointment, at KRIEG.

Nazicht (detail)
© Photo: Stefanie Schaut
Nazicht (box)
© Photo: Stefanie Schaut