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Puddle, Total support (detail)
© Photo: Stefaan Dheedene




The work of Stefaan Dheedene sophistically illustrates his profound interest in the aesthetic and political connections between shapes and archetypes. In his practice he explores the intimate relationship between similarity and difference. The resulting works are influenced by repeatedly translating and arranging extremely recognizable signs and objects. Although they are all created on their own, they form, when paired together in the framework of an exhibition, a controlled device, a place that reminds us of a certain order.

On the invitation of KRIEG, Dheedene developed a set of new works, with ‘support’ as its leitmotif. Unlike a formal pedestal, the different shapes of support evoke both important and ridiculous situations, putting everything on the same level.

Exhibition leaflet: English / Dutch.

You can find more information about the twin artist publication, published in the framework of the exhibition, here.


Stefaan Dheedene is an artist based in Ghent. He studied Sculpture at KASK, Ghent, attended the HISK post-academic programme in Antwerp, Belgium and currently teaches at KASK, Ghent. Recent solo exhibitions include: Half an optimist, a brand new rockerbox and a blow on broad daylight – trampoline, Antwerp (2017); Slapstick – P/////AKT, Amsterdam (2016); Swing the bat, trow a ball – White out studio, Knokke (2016); Done. Finished., Deweer Gallery, Otegem (2011); Ghost shift, S.M.A.K., Ghent (2009).

Puddle (detail)
© Photo: Stefaan Dheedene
13 points of view (cover)
© Photo: Stefaan Dheedene
13 points of view (inside)
© Photo: Stefaan Dheedene
Total support (detail), Puddle (detail)
© Photo: Stefaan Dheedene
yoke / yoke / yoke, Total support (detail)
© Photo: Stefaan Dheedene