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The Serfragettes Bruegelize Bilderberg (Open Society Foundation Funded Elite Lives Matters Banquet Backfires)




Several monumental paintings reflect the idea of limitless truth. Each work is a cryptogram to be marveled and unraveled. The madness of the day is being unmasked and put on show – for those with eyes to seek. Naivety is the new newspeak for courage. The empire is always on our backs, post-colonial predestination is the name of the station: turn off the tune and flip-flop out.

‘Liberty Party Shop’, which was commissioned by KRIEG, is Nevan Lahart’s first institutional solo exhibition in Belgium. Through the exhibition, Lahart questions our accepted notions of history and art: half-truths, subjective perceptions and mediated images are problematized in a sometimes critical, sometimes disconcerting way.

In the course of the exhibition, the first ever monographic publication on the work of Nevan Lahart was issued: ‘Nevan Lahart – Vic Sims of the Hollow Gram’ (2017).

Exhibition leaflet: English / Dutch.

Exhibition realized with the support of Kevin Kavanagh Gallery and Culture Ireland.


Nevan Lahart is an artist based in Dublin, working in a wide variety of media: painting, sculpture, installation, video, animation and performance. The subject matter of his work could be described as encompassing television, the media, social and political perceptions and the history of art and life as he finds it. His art practice aims to engage in creative collaboration in ways that may be seen as either humorous or deeply subversive. Recent exhibitions include IMMA Collection: A Decade, Irish Museum of Modern Art – Dublin (2016), the Gothenburg Biennial (2013) and Newtopia – Mechelen (2012), as well as solo exhibitions at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios – Dublin, Triskel Arts Center – Cork, and Kevin Kavanagh Gallery – Dublin.

Quango Conga Cargo Congo (Daniel O’Connell, the king of the tramps, jumps off the train and leaves Belgium to Leopold)
Atonal Poposophy
Cimabue is lapped on the way to A&E by the Boston Bomb
Evolution Is a Big Pill to Down
Detergent & Roses for a new improved Disenfranchised Pro Septic Aesthetic
Mr K. congratulates Mr R. on the successful testing of his latest commission for the advancements of weaponized paint technology LPP (Luc Pale Puke)
The Camouflage Brigade goes Plain Air Painting (Capt. Magritte (Psych-Op Div.) Paints a Pretty Picture of Groves & Oppenheimer being consumed in senseless Radiation / Field Marshal Picasso paints out the sun with electric shadow lights / Lieutenant Heartfield (Para Troops Div.) deploys a prelease first generation iPad to heighten the carnage / Private Pollock (Infantry Division) receives instructions in mixing paint and enjoys the effects that turbulence has on his palette)
Memorial to a dead Shillosopher
There’s Nothing New about the Old World Order (Midi Evil Meme found in Ignatius of Loyola’s Closet)
The Anti-Christ Enters Brussels – Stage Left (underpainted underpainting)